Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I need to carry when registering for a trip?
Your identity card for the conclusion of a contract for an organized trip; A clear copy of the second and third pages of a valid travel document of the persons who will participate in the excursion;
How do I pay for my reservation?
You can pay bookings made with • in cash; • By bank transfer
What documents do I need to carry during a trip/vacation?
-ID card. With it you can travel only in cases where you pass through countries that do not require a passport to enter the country. -Your valid passport when travelling in countries that require the possession of an overseas passport to enter the country. -European Health Card-provides medical services regulated for its issuance within the European Union. -If you travel by private car to EU countries, you should carry the big coupon of the car and to non-EU countries green card. -For persons under 18 years with Bulgarian identity documents travelling alone or with one of their parents – a notarized declaration from the parent (parents) who does not travel, that he/she agrees that their child will travel abroad for the specified period and destination, with a telephone of a Notary and name of a person bearing responsibility for the child during the journey; -Copy of notarized declaration (for persons under 18 with Bulgarian identity documents); -A copy of the second and third pages of the valid foreign passport.